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PID Controller

In 2011 i decided i needed to make the brewery more workable for myself. Part of this process was to build a new Controller for the HLT.
Currently i just had the elements for the HLT on a timer so they came on at a set time, or just directly plugged into a wall socket.
This gave me no control, they would just heat up to boiling point and keep going.

The idea was to have a new unit that would control the elements and bring the water up to a pre set desired temperature and then just maintain the level. So the PID (proportional–integral–derivative controller) was started.

First i got a case that would give myself room to add 2 if i ever wanted to, and cut out the hole for the PID.

The Parts. Case. Solid State Relay. PID & Temperature Probe.

The Power Connectors i wanted to Use.

The Case had a nice back board i could mount the relay on.

I then needed to cut a hole in my HLT for the Temperature Probe to go into.

I also had to do the same on the bottom of the case for the power connectors (IN & OUT).

Then wired up the power cables and element cables.

The diagram of how it was to be wired out and my sketch at all the connections.

Relay, PID and Switches in place witht the Live wires run.

And the Neutral and Earths.

The unit up and running in place. I can now set the unit to heat up to the desired Temperature and it will keep the HLT constant at that.
Its also been used for cooking beef Sous Vide style.

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