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Micro Brewery Build V2

In 2011 i decided i needed to make the brewery more workable for myself. I was fed up of climbing up and down step ladders to use and clean the mash tun and no proper drainage points.

So the dismantle and re build began. I wanted to move everything off the centre island and put all against a wall near the sink.

First thing to do was to move the sink further along to make room for the kit.
I wanted the HLT as close to the sink as possible and everything else to the left of the sink.
So first it all had to come off.

Then re position the units and sink.

I also wanted to board the wall out so no brick dust etc would get on the equipment.

Sink back in place and the HLT feed put in.

Now BLack Lab Ale Mk1 dismantled all electrics and water supplies dangling....

Jigsaw time now to cut out for the waste pipe.

Units back in place and a mash up of what it will look like.

I wanted to also be able to drain everything straight to the main waste pipe. This was version 1.
(had to adjust this later on).

HLT in place with Water Feed for it in place.

The Rest Of the Kit in Situ and the electrics and water feeds put back in.

All pipework now in place on the MT, Boiler and FV and Pumps.
Two pumps now used instead of the one.
This saves messing about swapping over so the HLT has a dedicated pump and so does the Boiler.

After doing the first brew in this and testing the new drain points. I found that when cleaning the Mash Tun and Boiler the small bore pipe work blocked with the grain and hops i couldnt scoop out.
Therefore i replaced it with larger bored pipework. This cured that issue.

In this photo you can just make out the new filter i made for the boiler. Its sat inside the boiler resting on the element.

(see New Hop Filter.)

In this photo you can see the new cooler i made for the boiler.

(see How to make a Counter Flow Cooler.)

Welcome to Black Lab Ale MkII. Here is it is all setup.
The HLT pumps direct tot he MT. The MT Drains itself into the boiler.
The Boiler pumps through a new Counterflow Cooler to the Fermenter and will cool from 100 degrees to 17 buy the time it hits the FV.
I was very impressed with this.

Here you see the cooler i use to chill out the ale after it has finished fermenting.
This stops any more fermentation and also helps and sediment drop out the ale to clear it.

Completed views.

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