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Micro Brewery Build

After getting into AG Brewing back in April, the bug hit me to expand. Luckily I managed to have a chat with Phil from Fugelestou Ale in Louth at the right time and he told me his old kit was up for grabs. I jumped at this and bought it. What i got was 4 old beer kegs really. A Hot Liquid Tank (HLT), a Boiler, a Mash Tun and a Fermenter (FV).

Over the next few months i had my work cut out. The garage needed a full re-wire to power the elements. I wanted the Boiler re-welding with 2 new element sockets putting in. I had to buy loads of other parts and then wait for some kitchen units to sit it all on.

Finally on the 28/11/08 i started to put it all together. First off i had to clear some space within the garage.

Then start building a bench for it all to sit on (as i couldn't get any old kitchen units). Luckily i had loads of wood lying about.

I then moved inside the garage to build it up before i couldnt get it through the door!

Next i covered the frame with Chipboard and then put the Kegs on to see how they fitted.
Loads of room.

To run the electrics and have some way of getting water across to the kit i decided to place a vertical piece of wood in the centre of the table.

I also wanted to be able to gavity feed from the Mash Tun to the Boiler. This meant raising the Mash Tun up high.

Now that everything was in place it was time to start on the pipework. Ive decided to do most of this in push fit plastic, for hygiene, ease of use and flexibility.

Attach the Sight Tubes to the HLT and the FV.

Next the Pump went in.

A Home Made Sparge Arm and Mash Filter was made and installed.

As mentioned i wanted to gravity feed from the Mash Tun straight into the Boiler.

Isolators have been added all over to control what im pumping from and where to.

I also wanted to be able to clean the whole system out and drain straight out into a waste pipe. As i had made this all on an island i needed some way to overcome this. So what i did was to add in a drainage pipe. This is where plastic pipe comes in real handy. I attached the drain pipe to an elbow fitting. Then attached that to a long arm which is attached to the vertical piece of wood on clips.

When i want to use this all i have to do is un clip it and pull it down and place in the sink.

After test running it found the HLT still leaked, so knocked the socket out and welded two new ones in place.

Then went about insulate it all using 3 camping mats on each keg.

Brewery now at a stage ready for use. Im sure ill tweak and change the setup as i go along, but for now its finished and i need to make some beer.

And what brewery is finished without having its own logo.

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