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How To Make A Mash Tun From A Cooler Box.

Equipment you will need.


Cooler Box, Tap, Copper pipe (either 15mm or 22mm, for this guide ive used 22mm), Copper Elbows & T's, Pipe Cutter, Hacksaw, Drill, Holesaw, File & Small Piece of Rubber Hose.

Offer the tap up too the cooler box bottom centre

Then raise by 1cm and mark the cooler box so you know where to cut.

Then offer the tap up against you holesaw to ensure the hole saw is slightly bigger than the tap threads.

Then put the holesaw into the drill and place on the spot you marked on the cooler box.

Apply light pressure and drill through the cooler box.

Until you are left with neat holes inside and out.
Now fit the tap into the hole. (If the hole is too tight use a file to widen the hole slightly).


Now measure the internal dimentions of your cooler box so you know how long and wide to make the copper manifold.

First i took a 22mm/15mm/22mm T piece.

And slotted a small piece of Rubber Hose

over the 15mm end of the T.

This rubber piece is just thinner than the tap drain holes inernal diameter so slides in snuggly(i had to push another small piece of 15mm copper into the end of the rubber hose to, to insure a snug fit).

Next i measured the distance from the T to the elbow i would need inside the cooler box and cut two pieces of 22mm copper off of a lenght of pipe.

These when slotted together were the exact width of the cooler box. Next you then need to cut slices into the pipe. Take the hacksaw and cut half way through the pipe about 1cm apart all the way along both pieces.


And then put them together and test in the box for fit.

Do this for all the pieces of the manifold until complete.


Once made place inside the cooler box by slotting the rubber hose into the tap and lowering the other end dowm. Please Note the Slotted Parts of the Copper go to the bottom of the Cooler Box.


Your Cooler Box Mash Tun is now complete.

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