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What equipment do you need to make All Grain/Real Ale? The answer will vary from everyone you ask, as everyone has their own needs... So lets start out with the bare essentials to make one brew.

A Thermometer, for taking temperature readings.
A Hydrometer, for taking gravity readings.
A Boiler, to Mash & Boil in.
A Mashing & Sparge Bag, for holding the grain in during the mashing & sparging process(or a separate Mash Tun).
A Fermenter, for fermenting the wort withing.
A Syphon Tube with ON/OFF Tap, for transferring the fermented beer to Barrel or Bottles.
A Large Spoon, for stirring with wort and mash with.
A Measuring Jug.
Measuring Spoons.
A set of Measuring Scales, for measuring out you grain and hops quantities.
Sterilizer, for sterilizing all your equipment before use.
Hop Bags, to contain your hops in.
Ingredients, Grain, Hops, Yeast, Yeast Nutrients.
Irish Moss/Protofloc, to help clear the beer.
** Pressure Barrel/Keg or Bottles, to put the fermented beer/ale into.

**If Using a Pressure Barrel/Keg you will need a CO2 bottle to keep the pressure built up. If Bottling you may need bottle caps and a capper.

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