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Counter Flow Cooler Build

In 2011 i decided i needed to make the brewery more workable for myself. Part of this process was to build a better cooler to bring the boiler wort down from 100 degrees to 22-25 degrees ready for the yeast to be added in.
The Part Required.
10m of 10mm Copper Pipe. 10m of Hose Pipe. 2 x Hose Lock Connectors. 2 x 15mm Copper T Piecec. 4 x 15mm to 10mm Copper Reducers. 2 x Washing Machine Isolating Connectors & a few short pieces of 15mm Copper Pipe.

First i straightend out the lenght of copper pipe and pushed it all into the hose pipe.
I then took one of my Corney Kegs and started to wrap it around the keg to make a coil.

To get the 10mm copper pipe to go all the way through the 15mm to 10mm reducer i needed to finely drill out the reducer to remove the internal edge that normally stops this happening.

The parts ready to assemble.

It all soldered up ready for use.

All in place ready for use.

How this now works.
The Wort is pumped from the boiler (pump bottom left) and into the bottom of the coils 10mm copper pipe. At the same time i turn the cold water feed on the goes into the top of the coil Hose Pipe Connection. So now as the wort is moving up the coil the Cold water is pass around it in the opposite direction of the worts flow. The Wort exiting the coil is now cooled & the Water rxiting the coil is now hot from the heat transference. You can adjust the temperature of the Wort being cooled by the isolation valves that the hose connectors go to. This will reduce the flow of the cold water which will reduce the cooling of the wort.

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