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Boiler Filter Build

In 2011 i decided i needed to make the brewery more workable for myself. Part of this process was to build a better Filter for the Boiler. The current one i had always clogged up toward the end of the pump off to the FV and so i was always struggling to get the last few litres of valuable Wort transfered.

The Part Required.
Lenght of fine Food Grade Staionless Steel Mesh. 1 x 15mm Copper T Piecec. 2 x 15mm Elbows. 1 x 22mm to 15mm Copper Reducer (because 22mm would fit into my Boiler Exit Hole). 2 x S/S Washers a few short pieces of 15mm Copper Pipe.

Solder all the pieces of copper together except for the reducer.

Make a 15mm Hole in one side of the Mesh.

Then place 1 washer on top of the mesh and 1 underneath the mess and push the middle piece of the E shape you just made through these two washers.

Push the 22mm to 15mm reducer on the other side and push on as tight as possible to clamp the mesh between the two washed and solder the joint.

Now fold the mesh over itself and the E shape and start folding the edges of the mesh over itself to create a seem. ( I Then crimped all the way along using pliers to get as flat as possible)

This is it in place in the bottom of the boiler. With this in place i get no Hops pass through the filter whatsoever and always get to drain all the way to the bottom of the keg as the two pick up points sit very close to the bottom of the keg base.

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